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'Monitor' The Original 1950's Foiling Monohull - Predecessor to AC75

Gordon Baker developed and tested 'MONITOR' in the 1950’s. A monohull with outrigger foils could get up on the foils in about 13 knots of wind and sail at about twice the true wind speed. Top speed was reported at over 30 knots, with some reports claiming 40 knots. At 40 knots, cavitation would probably have set in. Baker's future designs employed two main wing sails which the 3D animation video shows.

To think it took over 65 years for this technology to be evolve to The America's Cup almost seems a tragedy. 'Monitor' is on display at the Mariners’ Museum in Newport News, Virginia.

Note the similarities to the new Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa AC75 concept in the video below and this was in 1950!

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