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Seaton 64' Expedition Class Motor Yacht

Price as at April 2017 US$1,295,000. (Reduced from $1,495,000)

Seaton 64 Custom Trawler built by Nelson Yachts to very high standards and equipped for world cruising. This boat was ‘overbuilt’ including all machinery and equipment being ‘over spec’d’ to build a long range world explorer that could be self sufficient for long periods. The design brief was to provide all of the necessary systems in a physically strong and seaworthy platform to enable an experienced but non-professional owner/captain to take up to seven passengers, safely, comfortably and reliably on extended cruises to remote corners of the world, allowing for a high degree of self sufficiency.

100+ ton, fibreglass/aluminium expedition class motor yacht whose design and engineering budget alone exceeded US$600,000 when built.

The estimated current time required to replace this motor yacht is 27 months and the cost upwards of US$4.2m. Recently the vessel has been appraised at US$2.8m.

Currently in survey and owned by a LLC and lying San Diego, California. The owner will consider property trades. particularly interested in trading for New Zealand property.

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