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Our brokers are not only committed to surpassing client expectations, excellent results and 100% customer satisfaction are benchmarks we continually strive to exceed. 

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Mike & Sue




"We were looking for a sailing catamaran around the 40 ft length and after trolling the Internet and reading some articles on buying boats overseas, elected to seek the help of a broker. After trying a few brokers and seeing what sort of response I got from them I was pretty satisfied with the response I got from David Woodley. After trading a few e-mails he rang and we chatted about what sort of boat I was after and some of the pitfalls about buying overseas. His experience as a delivery skipper was invaluable. We looked at new options versus second hand and I found him very responsive without being pushy. After a year and half corresponding and David sending us some examples and discussing the pros and cons, we settled on buying a Lagoon 380 second hand.

Once we committed David started the search. After missing out on a couple (here and overseas) and discounting a couple that were pretty tired, he found one in Teneriffe that was in remarkably good conditions, ticked all our boxes and was going for a good price. He stepped us through putting an offer on it, organising a survey and then accompanied me to Teneriffe to inspect the boat at his own cost. After spending 4 days there crawling over the boat and sea testing her we finalised the purchase.

David organised shipping and insurance quotes, vetted the quotes (we found one shipping company was bogus) and organised a delivery crew to get her to Gibralter to meet the Freighter bringing her out to NZ. Once she arrived in NZ he stepped me through the process of landing the boat and the associated issues that had to be dealt with.

David was always on hand, at anytime of the week, to help sort it out. From my experience I have found David is a committed broker who works hard to step you through the process and is always on hand for advice and assistance. We are very happy with our Lagoon and it was as good as David said it was. Coming with me to Teneriffe certainly allowed me to get to know him well and I have found him to be a man of his word, honest and committed to finding the right boat for the person and he knows boats and what to look for. I wouldn't hesitate to use him again to sell and buy our next boat".


Mike & Sue Duncan 'Sunrise'

World Yacht Brokers, Delphia Yachts, Hauraki Yachts, Artemis Yachts, International Brokerage, Sea Independent Agency
David, Yo & Helen 



When we first walked into David Woodley’s office to enquire about yachts, we instantly developed a good rapport and friendship, which still exists today. He was informative and knowledgeable about yachts and soon had an intuition as to what we were exactly after.  Without being too over-bearing, he was able to advise us on all the pros and cons of different yachts available and answer all our questions honestly.  We soon developed and trust in David and we are sure that had it not been for David, the deal on our yacht would not have gone through. 

Because our yacht was shipped to NZ from France, it had to go through an Auckland dealership, which was to say the least, frustrating and difficult.  David acted as our advocate between dealer and endeavoured to make this process as smooth as he could.  If only we could have dealt with David, as the sole dealer, the sale, transportation, commissioning of our lovely yacht would have been a dream!  Thanks David.


David & Yo McGill and Helen Ensor 'Voila'

World Yacht Brokers, Delphia Yachts, Hauraki Yachts, Artemis Yachts, International Brokerage, Sea Independent Agency
Andrew & Rozanne


We were first time boat buyers and reliant on the expert services of our broker, David Woodley, to guide us through the process.  We found David to be extremely patient, wise and helpful throughout, assisting us with choosing the right equipment and boat options and supervising in person the subsequent boat delivery in France, commissioning, sea trials and grappling with French maritime bureaucracy.  When we eventually decided to return our yacht, Terina, to New Zealand, David was again to the fore, assisting with shipping arrangements.  Buying a boat is stressful, especially acquiring a boat overseas.  In our case, we were very grateful to David for his skills and abilities, good humour and infectious enthusiasm for boats and boating, which made the whole business almost enjoyable! Today, we count David as our friend and we are sure that others will benefit from his experience in the same way that we did. 


Andrew & Rozanne


World Yacht Brokers, Delphia Yachts, Hauraki Yachts, Artemis Yachts, International Brokerage, Sea Independent Agency
Don Gilkison

 'Sojourn' & 'Wanaka'

David Woodley, yacht salesman and now good a friend.
I first met David through his Picton base and have bought and sold 3 times with him. David is a man of integrity, honest and a very hard working yacht broker.
In my last dealings with David we successfully negotiated the purchase of my new yacht in Greece last year.

David is simply one of the best, if not the best out there at the moment. David's attitude is that both seller and buyer have to walk away happy or no deal.

I recommend David to anyone looking at selling or purchasing, you will sail away happy!


Don Gilkison 'Wanaka'



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