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   In 2018Delphia celebrates 28 years

          28 years of sailing passion  

          28 years of sailing evolution

      28 years of building superb boats

     1200 superior quality boats a year.

Delphia Escape 1100s $402,883

ON SALE $342,450

Similar to the other models within the range,  the Delphia Escape combines the advantages of a cabin cruiser with the performance of more powerful sports motor boat. The Escape 1100 S is agile, maneuverable and features excellent visibility. This craft is designed to meet the needs of family with a system of railings plus safe and convenient access to the bow and sun deck. 


A shallow draft with a rudder augmented by a bow thruster allows 360-degree on-the-spot turning to make it easy to berth in any conditions, navigate tight waterways or execute precise manoeuvres.


The Escape 1100 S can be adapted to individual owner's requirements from a wide range of options and accessories for both inside and out.


This model is available with either two bedrooms, a spacious sundeck featuring a removable mattress and a large guest saloon and galley below decks.


A design category B vessel, the Escape 1100 S, boasts a 300hp inboard engine for demanding weather conditions.

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