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Boat & Asset Trading

opportunities for worldwide yacht and property owners to trade assets

World Yacht Brokers offers a specialised Trade Brokering Service. Brokering introductions and managing successful asset title trades of yachts and properties of distinction.


Situations arise where an owner of one yacht or lifestyle wants to change to the other. Often the obstacle of selling one before the other can happen stands in the way.

If you have an asset to trade contact us

Exclusive lifestyle assets like high value estates and yachts deserve exclusive high value management. Just attracting a canditate to take a look at your asset can be a frustrating, drawn out process, let alone achieving a succesful conclusion.


That frustration can be removed with a succesful Trade. Trading offers a shortcut by introducing matching prospects and managing the trade to a succesful conclusion.


You may be able to realise your lifestyle change sooner than you thought

Current Trade Opportunity

  • North Island, New Zealand

  • Idyllic Coastal Estate

  • Sale or Yacht Trade

  • Full property description and details please contact

This expansive stunning beach front coastal property is for sale or possible trade.  It sits in a natural bush paradise overlooking the Pacific Ocean and outlying islands.  


A trade in exchange for a 65' -75' sailing/power catamaran or long range Expedition power yacht, to the value of USD $2m - $2.5m will be considered.


Property is valued at NZD $4.4m - USD $3.7m.  Difference between property value and yacht balance to be paid to vendor.

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